Frequently Asked Questions

When you pass the toll station, the toll station will display your vehicle information, the toll payment and account balance. You can also log in to your personal account on the website to check your balance.

Visit to create a personal account, retrieve your password, and log in. If you have already applied for an ETC service or MTC card at the service center, after logging in, the account will directly display the services and cards you have, as well as the account balance.

Before your top up, please ensure that your network is stable, and correctly select the ETC service or MTC card you have to top up

Once the OBU device is installed, it will enable you to pass normally at all toll stations without any secondary confirmation or formalities.

Toll Stations booths are equipped with full-featured OBU identification devices, which can quickly and accurately identify your OBU equipment. If your OBU device is not recognized, we also have a handheld as an alternative. Through the above two measures, we ensure that you pass the toll gate smoothly.

We are doing our best to improve road facilities, toll system debugging, drainage and circuit testing and many other tasks. We believe that the Nairobi Expressway will meet you soon.

We are trying to add the ability to modify personal information, however, since a lot of important information needs to be used for authentication, we will launch this function when we confirm that everything is implemented correctly.

We will fix this function as soon as possible to ensure that the status of applications that have been processed is changed from pending to “Approved”.

Restrictions on Use

What is not allowed on the Expressway and the maximum speed